chapter I


You will never know if it was the weather, if it was the land. If it was the talent of the people who went by and their fascinating stories and personalities. Or if it was simple, plain luck. That same fate that gathered all this at the same place, at the right time, like a blessing of planets aligned, of sun and rain and the curiosity of men.
One thing is certain. Silent and majestic, the old mountain has witnessed the birth of great wines in this piece of Dão land that lies at her feet.
And though a century and a half is almost nothing to her, in human time a lot has happened since the first vines were planted and the first stone of the House was placed, sometime in the last decades of the nineteenth century. 150 years that have been everything but dull. Traversed by war and peace, abundance and poverty, departures and arrivals, splendour and oblivion, the lands of Passarella saw history being written - by very different, talented authors but always with their blood, the wine.
Perhaps legends do not exist and are true after all. Perhaps History does repeat itself. Or perhaps plain and simple luck continues on our side. Howsoever, with Earth as a blank page, we will keep on writing our words, harvest after harvest.

In the same way that Dão is legendary, both for its memories as its apparent naturalness to produce wines that men cannot forget, Casa da Passarella is back to put its name in everyone’s lips - which, in our humble opinion, is precisely where all great wines should be.